Dakarai Haynes



My name is Dakarai, you most likely already knew my name it's practically plastered everywhere lol.


I am a new digital marketer I wanted to document my journey and provide valuable content for business owners or people thinking about joining the digital marketing sector. 


I don't have anything to sell, so there's nothing for you to buy!


If you would like to support me on this amazing Journey, feedback will be extremely valuable to me.

thank you for reading all the way to the end.


I have a love for languages! I currently speak Japanese and Spanish nowhere near fluent but we are working to get there. 


One of my favorite things to talk about is business and marketing there is so much to learn and it's exciting!

Working out

I've been exercising for a very long time and I love the feeling of the pump It's so addicting and I love it!

I have no intention of selling you anything; my sole purpose is to share the knowledge and insights I've gained in the marketing field.